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When is the best time to plant Strawberries?

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Strawberries are so easy to grow, they only need shelter, sun and fertile well-drained soil.

Traditionally the delicious fruit is grown in rows directly into garden soil. In wet soil conditions you can grow on a raised bed to help improve water drainage.

We recommend you plant your strawberries from early Spring. Generally, the plants will fruit 60 days after planting. If you are keen for an earlier harvest you could try covering the area in plastic to keep the plants warmer.

The plants will flower from Spring through until Autumn. Did you know that it is during flowering when the plant is most vulnerable to fungal diseases and insects?

You could try help your plants defence by applying a copper spray.

To produce the best tasting Strawberries, you should use a good fertiliser to feed your plants throughout the time the plant is growing and flowering.

When the plant is full of fruit, we find it best to remove the runners so that the plant can focus on growing fruit, however if you do want to use these runners grow and then cut and dig them up replacing the old plants with the new ones. It is generally recommended that you would replace your fruiting plants every couple of years.

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