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Kieran McPherson - New Zealand Triathlete

"Sujon Blackcurrant Powder allows me to travel and race at my peak, world wide while maintaining

great health. Better yet it is New Zealand owned and operated"  

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Mika Vukona - New Zealand Tall Black

"I recover faster and can train harder the next day. I started using Sujon Blackcurrant powder when I came to play basketball in Nelson over 9 years ago. I take a heaped teaspoon each morning and then again after I have finished my last training of the day. I feel that it really helps me recover and even when I am doing hard power sessions at the gym. I am a very physical player and I find that this season I recover after games much more quickly and am ready to train again the next day. As I move on with my basketball career Sujon Blackcurrant powder will be an important part of my training regime. I really notice if I have not taken it. I love it and how it makes me feel"  

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anneke and javier.jpg

Anneke Jenkins and Javier Gomez Noya - World Champions

We love this product! Javi and I use a couple of our scoops of Sujon on our cereal or in a smoothie daily! For breakfast, a snack or after training. It tastes great and is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants! As we are currently living on the other side of the world it's nice to have a piece of NZ here with me, especially knowing the berries from Sujon are safe and natural. Sujon is a lovely family owned business who supports many athletes and the local community. Get behind Sujon and use this great product for the taste and nutritional benefits!

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dave dwan.jpg

Dave Dwan - Coach/Triathlete

Sujon Blackcurrant powder is such as a wonderful product as I have really ramped up my training. The Blackcurrant powder has helped with my recovery and having more prior to hard sessions, things have gone so well.

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Sharlotte Lucas - New Zealand Cyclist

Sujon "provides faster recovery from hard training sessions" I have been using Sujon Blackcurrant powder for the past two months on a daily basis, and have found it has provided faster recovery from hard training sessions and is particularly useful during multi day stage racing where recovery before the next day is key to performing. The performance increase has therefore been significant as opposed to only using protein to recover. I really like how the product is packaged so I can travel overseas with it as well.

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Hamish Carson - New Zealand Athlete

Sujon Blackcurrant powder is a must for my pre workout nutrition and post workout protein smoothie. The super antioxidant property of this magic powder means I can hit better numbers out training and recover faster from workouts and we all know how important recovery is!

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alex jordan photo crouching.jpg

Alex Jordan - New Zealand 400m Champion

"An antioxidant hit that helps to keep me healthy and ready to race." "I've been using Sujon Blackcurrant Powder for 3 years now and love it! I have it with yoghurt for a tasty recovery boost after working out. It's so portable that I can take it around the world with me when I'm racing for an antioxidant hit that helps to keep me healthy and ready to race."

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Courteney Lowe and Emma Grant
Professional Cyclists

“Gives us a competitive edge and has made a big difference to our training and recovery” As professional endurance athletes, we are constantly striving for margin gains, and performance and recovery are central to this. With Sujon, we have noticed a significant increase in our energy levels before and after training sessions. It enables us to push ourselves beyond our natural level of ability. Being on a professional cycling team in the USA means a lot of travelling and flying and having fresh fruit is not always feasible, so we never travel without Sujon in our kit bags. We have had such positive results with Sujon giving us a competitive edge that we have nothing but praise for it – and recommend this amazing product to other endurance athletes.

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Daniel Buckingham - Wheel Black

Wheel Black Representative. Competing around the world and representing New Zealand for ten years with the Wheel Blacks, I have put my shoulders through a lot of stress! Turning 30 last year was a bit of a wake up call…. I still have the passion to perform at the top, but I was noticing it was taking me longer to recover from training sessions. I realised I needed to be proactive about looking after my body, not only to continue to excel, but to make sure my shoulders will keep me moving for the rest of my life. Sujon Blackcurrant powder is allowing my training to keep up with my work ethic and I’m waking up every day feeling good.

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Dawn Chalmers - Physiotherapist and Competitive athlete

“I noticed the great effects of Sujon Powder right from the first time I used it and I think this product really rocks. The high impact nature of competitive boxing often results in delayed-onset-muscle soreness (DOMS) and the Sujon powder really helps me combat this. I take one teaspoon after training and feel great the next morning. This powder really does what it says, tastes nice and I love that it is low in calories, convenient to use and available whenever I need it. It’s great to be able to recommend a natural, NZ made product to my patients including international and recreational athletes.

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ashton reiser.jpg

Ashton Reiser -  New Zealand High Performance Athlete

I am in the High Performance Sport NZ Canoe Racing Men’s Team and I have been using your product for over four years. I have won all 10 of my Elite Men’s national titles whilst using Sujon's blackcurrant powder and not a hard training session goes by without me taking the product to help me refuel and repair. Its an essential item on all of my overseas campaigns. The high concentration blackcurrant helps me to recover faster, do more training and therefore allows me to improve at a faster rate year after year. Another bonus is that it tastes great when it is mixed with my vanilla protein shake!

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Kobe Miller -  New Zealand High Performance Athlete

I’ve been using @sujonberries Blackcurrant Powder and Frozen Berries for a while now. NZ locally owned and absolutely delicious! Being a High-Performance athlete, it is important to stay healthy and perform on the daily. Sujon’s Blackcurrant powder is full of Vitamin-C and other antioxidants which are very good for the immune system (keeping away illnesses). Also, there is some scientific research of how it can help reduce lactate production during exercise. @sujonberries has helped me maximise my performances on and off the water. I feel a lot more energised mentally and physically in training/racing and I’m happy to be joining the team!

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Terenzo Bozzone - World Champion

“It is unbelievable how much it helps with aerobic recovery” I have been using Sujon for a number of years now and have seen significant positive changes in both my performance and recovery. The use of Sujon has more than played its part in the success of my 4 Senior national sprint titles. Being a high performance athlete I am constantly trying to find new ways that will help me reach my goals and dreams, and I have found that using Sujon on a daily basis assists this greatly. I can proudly say that I will be a user of Sujon for the remainder of my sporting career and on-going throughout life.

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