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Discover the world's best berries

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Our Story

Hi! We're Sue and John Gibb

(Sujon for short)

​We have been on an incredible journey since 1981. Picking berries on our Nelson farm, we had a eureka moment!

By freezing our berries, all New Zealanders could eat well anytime!

Back then it was considered a little bit crazy.

But it proved to be seriously popular. So we got busy finding the best fruit-growing partners in New Zealand, and then the world, to supply us their own amazing produce for our frozen fruit packs.


In 2005 we were excited by the early research that was coming out around the health benefits New Zealand blackcurrants has to offer so partnered up with the best researchers in the world to develop Sujon Blackcurrant Superfood Powder. Researchers were blown away by our trials which showed Sujon blackcurrant superfood powder aids recovery, allowing you to train harder.

Not all berries are equal, our blackcurrant powder has world-leading levels of anthocyanins. These special micronutrients are linked to improved circulation, eye health, enhanced immunity and brain function.

Today, along with our daughter Michelle, we still run the original berry company (yeah that's us!). A proud berry family business.


Nice smooth powder. I sprinkle a heaped teaspoon on my breakfast cereal every day to help with my eye health as I have macula degeneration.


Had been feeling run down and as if I could be getting a cold. These capsules have definitely picked me up and the cold didn’t eventuate.


I found my joint pain eased quite

a lot when using them. Once I stopped the pain returned with a vengeance so now I’ve replenished my supply I’m hoping my pain will ease again.

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