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Row of blackcurrant bushes on a summer farm in sunny day. Location place of Ukraine, Europ

Frozen Blackcurrants

Frozen Berries Wholesale

Take Advantage of Frozen Blackcurrants All Year Long

Forget about what you think you know about the seasons of your favourite fruits. At Sujon, we have revolutionised the way that you can enjoy your fruits. Frozen blackcurrants and more are now available.


Oh, the delicious taste of blackcurrants and berries are unbelievable. Whether you want to feed them to your family or to your hungry guests who depend on you for flavour and quality, we have the easiest solution for you.


Forget about heading to the berry farms during a single season for all of your favourite fresh fruit. Forget about telling people “sorry” when a fruit is out of season. You can also forget about trying to pay for expensive shipping to have fruit flown in from the other side of the globe.


At Sujon, we offer frozen berries wholesale. You can find the size product that suits your needs. Whether you want them as blackcurrants, mixed berries, or something else, we can stock them for you. We’ve been freezing our berries for a while. People thought we were weird at first until they realised they could enjoy amazing fruit all year long.


We can’t wait for you to take advantage of our frozen blackcurrants and berries. There are so many health benefits to these fruits – they are loaded with antioxidants and can boost your immune system.


By accessing frozen berries wholesale as well as blackcurrants, you can get the quantities that you need at amazing prices. Then, you can choose to enjoy them all on your own or use them within your retail establishment.


Either way, we are here to provide you with 100% natural frozen fruit for you to enjoy every single season throughout the year. Our competitive pricing and high-quality produce are sure to impress you and everyone who tries what you’re making with our fruit.

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