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This Nelson company never ceases to excite

It has been years in the making but this week Sujon will be hitting with the supermarket shelves with yet another innovative product.

Why does Sujon think it will make so much noise in the convenient snack food category?

“Our research shows that consumers are looking for nutritious food that is easy to eat, our Sujon Fruit Cups tick all those boxes” says founding owner John Gibb.

Fruit Cups are frozen individual portion serves of just 100% real fruit. No additives, preservatives just delicious real whole food. Sujon is launching 3 new flavours, Blueberries, Mango and Mixed Berries which is a combo of Raspberries and Blueberries.

The cups are re-usable and CEO John Molyneux says “one of the challenges with developing this project was finding packaging that can withstand cold temperatures in the freezer yet be recyclable. The cups we have sourced for this project are recyclable and can withstand these cold temperatures. Even more importantly the cups can be reused by the consumer at home before going to the recycling plant”.

Early consumer trials in schools showed that children loved eating the fruit not only thawed from their lunch box but straight out of the cup frozen. The Fruit Cups can be found in New World, Pak n Save and selected Fresh Choice stores. The products will also be available through food service distributors across the country supplying the aged care and school sectors.

The concept behind this innovative product is that parents or working professionals at home can put the frozen fruit cup into their lunch boxes in the morning before heading out for the day. The fruit is thawed and ready to eat by lunch time. “It also helps keep the lunch box cool” says John Gibb.

Sujon started the frozen fruit category back in the early 1980’s and is known for its innovative ideas. “Frozen fruit has a lot of health benefits to offer and we want to deliver those nutrients in a convenient form that people can also enjoy on-the-go” says John Molyneux.

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