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The Goodness of Frozen Fruit

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Do you keep a handy stock of fruits and vegetables in your freezer? Many people make this wise choice, for several different reasons. Lets take a look at some of the great benefits of using frozen produce.

Locking in the goodness

Fruits and vegetables pack a real punch in nutritional goodness. Providing a wide range of vitamins, some minerals and phytochemicals (like antioxidants) and dietary fibre, we should try and eat of a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. The more the better.

But did you know some of these nutrients, particularly the vitamins, start to degrade right from the moment the fruit or vegetable is harvested? So to really gain the maximum level of nutrients from produce it is best to enjoy them as soon as possible after they have been picked.

A key benefit of freezing is the nutrients are locked in, with minimal losses occurring once the produce is frozen. It’s a simple process that keeps fruit or vegetables in great nutritional shape until you are ready to grab them from your freezer and enjoy. In many instances the fruits you will find in the freezer have been frozen within hours of harvest – helping to keep nutrient levels high.

On the contrary, some of the fresh produce available through supermarkets may have been harvested up to a couple of weeks (or even more) before making it on to shelf! Even once purchased, many of us keep the produce in our fridge or fruit bowl for another week or so before we eat it (or throw it out). Which leads us on to …

Waste – there is none

A fabulous benefit of frozen fruits and vegetables is no waste! You can open a bag of berries and savour every single one of them. You won’t be picking out a few squishy looking ones from the bottom of bag. The quality of what goes in is assured. You also don’t have to eat them all in one sitting. The bag or box can be resealed and popped back into the freezer to enjoy again another day.

Always in season

With packets of fruits and vegetables in your freezer you can enjoy your favourites all year round. Not blueberry season? No problem. A handy bag in your freezer means its blueberry season all year round.

Budget friendly

Choosing frozen fruits and vegetables is a wise choice when watching the grocery spend. What you pay for is what you get – all of it. There are no skins or outer leaves to throw out or produce spoiling in the bowl no one will want to eat. They also mean you have nutritious foods to hand for any day of the week, and a bag full will go a long way.

Freezing is a simple natural means to preserve foods, trusted by generations. No preservatives or other additives are required. Just natural goodness locked in.

A few bags of fruits and vegetables in the freezer are a super convenient way to enjoy nutritious foods, with no waste.

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