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Looking for some dinner inspiration?

If you are locked up this Easter and keen to cook up a storm in the kitchen then recipe is a must try!

Blueberry & Balsamic Vinaigrette with Succulent Roast Chicken & Thyme Mushrooms

Jana Macpherson the creator of this wonderful dish commented that "this recipe demonstrates how fantastic blueberries are in a savoury environment. They are gorgeous blended with balsamic in this vinaigrette. It’s an incredible combination!"⠀

The vinaigrette goes so well with the field mushrooms, feta, chicken, roasted tomato’s and thyme.⠀

Our lovely blueberries come from British Columbia in Canada, we have been working with growers their for over 22 years. We love the view of the snow topped mountains, the regions rich soils and clean air. Our visits to the fields are always so picturesque, no matter what the season is. #bcblueberries #poweredbynature


1 cup Sujon Blueberries, defrosted

¼ cup balsamic vinegar

1-2 tablespoons runny honey

½ lemon, juiced

Salt & Pepper

3 sprigs of Thyme

½ cup olive oil


Place all your ingredients in a blender and whizz together, taste and add more honey or salt if needed.

This vinaigrette is delicious with roasted cauliflower, and great with a medium rare steak, the options are endless!

We would love to see what Easter creations you make this weekend - tag us @sujonberries

Keep well and take care

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