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How to defrost your frozen fruits?

When defrosting, we recommend you put the frozen fruit into another container and leave it in the fridge to thaw overnight.

Why not just defrost in the Sujon bag?

Because our bags have special breather holes in them to maintain quality; the natural juices can drip out when thawing straight in the pack.

Turn your container over or mix products while thawing to keep them in their nutritious juice.

When using your frozen fruits in place of fresh products thaw until just soft and serve partially frozen.

When using in cooked dishes add the fruit frozen.

Gently fold into pies, cakes, muffins etc just prior to cooking to prevent juice leaking into your dish.

Put the fruit in frozen when making a smoothie, they work as great ice cubes!

We recommend you refrain from microwave thawing of our products so the goodness in your fruit is still retained.

Get the fruit out of the freezer just before you need to.

Sprinkling with icing sugar magnifies flavours and brings out the rich juices.

If you have a top frozen fruit tip, we would love to hear from you!

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