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Could consuming blackcurrants boost your sports performance?

Latest research from scientists at Plant & Food research and the University of Auckland concluded that the unique balance of anthocyanins in New Zealand blackcurrants clearly improve sports performance.

While numerous scientific studies have looked at the health benefits of berries, including blackcurrants, no previous studies have evaluated the overall scientific evidence around whether, and by how much, New Zealand blackcurrants improve sports performance. 

According to this meta-analysis, which included 9 clinical studies, consuming New Zealand blackcurrants could improve sports performance by 0.45% compared to a placebo. For a natural, plant-based, performance enhancer this is a significant result – especially considering the average difference between gold and silver at the Rio Olympics was 0.54%. By contrast, caffeine, which has been promoted as the best legal performance enhancer currently on offer, can improve sports performance by 0.41%.

This study, as well as other previous studies, raise the possibility that, in addition to improving blood flow, New Zealand blackcurrants may prime the body’s master antioxidant regulator, helping to mediate the benefits of training on oxidative stress management, inflammation and immunity.

It is believed that the high anthocyanins levels in blackcurrants and their special bio activity compared to other berries is what really makes them so special.

Timing of your intake is essential, we recommend taking 1 heaped teaspoon of Sujon Blackcurrant Powder one to two hours prior to the event.

You can find the full details of the Plant & Food media release here.

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