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Calling all sports people

It’s raining but clear skies are coming

- time to stock up on NZ’s powerful, outdoor superfood

As we emerge from the grey skies of winter, it is time to stock up on climbing, tramping and outdoor adventure, energy food. When the skies clear and the rain stops, the call of the wild and the sports arena will be waiting!

Sujon’s wholefood black currant powder is considered the frontrunner when it comes to naturally helping sports people achieve better performance and longer-lasting endurance.

At home it can be made into a delicious, energising smoothie while in the wild, mixed with water, it becomes a powerful energy drink.

Here’s the deal

Sujon is offering readers a 20% discount off this essential component to any sports person’s arsenal.

Click on ‘Shop” above, select your products, enter the special discount code ‘sueandjohn’ and look forward to better performance and endurance in your sporting pursuits!

Read all about Sujon’s powerful superfood here:

Read testimonials here; you will be in good company:

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