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Blueberry cheesecake, macaron mint and vanilla bean ice cream

Jasmine Beech took out the BC Blueberry Weltec competition held earlier this year with this delicious Blueberry dish.

Jasmine has kindly shared her recipe and inspiration behind the dessert.

About my dish:

Due to the challenge of this competition, you must have frozen blueberries your hero on the dish. The first thing anyone would think about it a classic muffin, however my mind didn’t go there and thought about cheesecakes and mousse and to be presented in a way it hasn’t been shown yet.

I have created a dish that is creamy and light and deep in flavour all natural from the frozen blueberries. My dish starts with an almond crispy biscuit base with a blueberry compote disk in the center of a light and creamy blueberry lemon cheesecake topped with a thin shell of white chocolate. This semi-circle in sitting on top of a rich white chocolate blueberry infused ganache topped with cooked blueberries and mint with a vanilla bean ice cream quenelle on the side.

Lemon blueberries cheesecake

● 32 g cream cheese

● 35g cream

● 12g sugar

● few drops lemon juice

● 100g blueberries

Beat together the cream cheese and sugar until softened and fully mixed

Whisk up the cream in a separate bowl until thick

Fold together the cream and cream cheese

Add lemon to taste

Add some of the blueberry sauce to create a blueberry hue.

Put into molds and place in the fridge covered to set.

Lemon zest candid

● 1:1 ratio of sugar syrup 150 / 150 water

● Lemon zest

Heat and bring water and sugar to boil. Simmer to make a syrup. Blanch lemon zest in sugar syrup.

Cover in sugar and allow time for crystalizing.

Baked almonds Base

● 62.5g butter

● 55g sugar

● 95g flour

● ½ tsp baking powder

● 60g almonds chopped up

Cream butter and sugar together until light.

Fold in the flour and baking powder. Spread out on a try and bake. 180°c. 7-8mins

Save half of the sponge as a base. Using the remainder of the sponge base blend into crumbs. Bake crumbs at 180°c to crispen up.

Vanilla bean ice cream

● 150g milk

● 75g cream

● 30g yolks

● 50g sugar

● Vanilla paste

Heat the milk and cream with the vanilla. Whisk the egg yolk and sugar until light in colour.

Temper in the hot liquid. Heat to thicken. When cool churn in an ice cream machine until thick.

Blueberries sauce

● 250g Sujon Blueberries

● 100g icing sugar

● Lemon juice

Heat the blueberries and icing sugar until sugar has dissolved. Blend with a stick blender.

Strain then add lemon juice to the sauce for flavour.

Mint chocolate

● White chocolate

● Green food colouring

● Mint flavouring

Heat chocolate using a bain marie. Add mint and food colouring.


● 150 icing sugar

● 150 almond flour

● 80g water

● 150g sugar

● 55g egg whites

● 55g egg whites

Mix together the icing sugar and almond flour add first measure of egg whites.

Heat up the sugar and water until 118 degrees. Using a machine whisk the second measure of egg whites and slowly beat in the hot syrup until thick and cooled to 35°c. Pipe onto a tray. Bake 20mins 150°c.

Swiss meringue tear drops

● 100g egg whites

● 200g sugar

Use a bain marie to pasteurise eggs (60-63°c) beat using a machine until thick and cool. Pipe neatly onto trays. Use a blow torch to create colour.

Share your creations with us @sujonberries

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