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Berries you can have confidence in

We just wanted to give you all reassurance that our brand & company is not involved in this food scare associated with frozen fruit. Our customers tell us they want “safe food” and we achieve that.

You may be aware that MPI this morning has advised that 3 people who bought frozen fruit became ill with hepatitis A. We are not involved in this MPI investigation associated with frozen fruit. Unfortunately the brands associated with this scare have not been mentioned in today's release, we do hope they will be more forthright with this information soon.

My parents, Sue and John (Sujon) were growers for 25 years and have a good understanding of the need for the level of care needed right through the production process. It is a privilege to bring you the world's best berries and we do not take our duty to deliver safe food lightly. Only berries we would give our children to eat enter our bags and our team pride ourselves on the systems we have in place to bring you the best delicious, safe and nutritious food. It is this knowledge along with routine lab testing and regular auditing, is what we rely on to give the assurance we need to support our claim of the “Best berries in the world”.

Thank you for your support for our brand, your wonderful feedback does not go unnoticed.

Best regards Michelle

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