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Are berries the brain food of the fruit and vegetable kingdom?

It is widely published that consuming one serving of berries daily offers potential protection against cancer, boosts the immune system and is a good guard for the liver. Now researchers have discovered that the special antioxidant pigments in berries may actually make them the brain foods of the fruit and vegetable kingdom.

Harvard University researchers, using data from the Nurses’ Health Study, which followed the diets and health of 16,000 women, found that women who consumed at least one serving of Blueberries and two servings of Strawberries each week had slower rates of cognitive decline by as much as two and a half years compared with those who didn’t eat any. These results suggest that simply eating a handful of berries every day may slow our brain’s aging by more than two years!

Including berries into your diet is easy; simply sprinkle them over your cereal, mix them with oats, add them to a smoothie or eat them straight from the packet! If you are looking for more inspiration on how to use our Sujon frozen fruit or our Blackcurrant Superfood Powder check out our instagram page.

Some of the information on this page has been sourced from Dr. Michael Greger’s research, you can learn more about him at

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