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Summer holiday berry soup

In our last blog we showed you how to transform a pack of Sujon Smoothie Berry+Spinach Mix into a really colourful tangy BBQ Salsa sauce.

But if you want something delightfully special for the summer holiday season why not transform our Smoothie mix into a Chilled Summer Berry Fruit Soup!

Chilled soups are not new: the tomato-based gazpacho and the classic potato and leek soup ( the vichyssoise) have been enjoyed for decades.

But we think this Sujon-take on the chilled soup is perfect for the New Zealand summer and for any casual or special occasion.

The Chilled Berry Soup Recipe:

Add two cups of our Smoothie Mix to 1 cup unsweetened apple juice and half a cup of water, a tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of nutmeg. Put in blender and blend till smooth. (Optional: add 1 cup of yoghurt (can be plain or a fruit flavour) and blend again till smooth.) And that’s it: keep in fridge until ready to serve: it is really that simple! And your guests will be amazed at the delicious flavour. Without the yogurt its more suited to being an appetizer at the start of a full meal or perfect served in between a starter and a main such as Roast of Lamb or grilled salmon.

A great standby:

Berries and Christmas go together perfectly in New Zealand but it’s not always easy to find and keep fresh berries perfectly ready over the summer break. However, top Foodwriters and chefs will often say you can use frozen berries in place of fresh and in most recipes you will never know the difference. Our Sujon berry packs are available in virtually every supermarket in New Zealand and perfect as a summer standby: mix with ice cream and a commercial chocolate sauce and presto: pudding!

And what about an Edible Ice-block?

A nice idea: drop a frozen Sujon strawberry into a glass of sparkling wine. It can be more effective that a fresh berry: the drinks own edible ice-block to be enjoyed at the bottom of the glass.

So from the team here at Sujon in sunny Nelson: enjoy your Christmas and New Year and the Summer holidays. Be safe and have a great time!

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