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Looking for a taste of Summer?

We came across this Gelato recipe and with it featuring berries simply had to give it ago. The verdict is it is a must try recipe for your next dinner party. While not only being on trend containing plant based ingredients, the creaminess of the banana and sweetness of the berries go oh so well together. This recipe was featured in an article written by Gwenn Friss.

Mixed Berry Gelato

1 banana per person, peeled, sliced and frozen in a container or zippered bag

1 handful per person frozen Sujon Mixed Berries

½ cup cashews

¼ cup cold water

Alternatives to cashews: almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, roasted chestnuts, Brazil nuts

2-4 mint leaves

Cocoa nibs

Favourite fruit to garnish

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Optional: Date or maple syrup

Add some of the frozen banana, berries, cashews or alternative nuts, vanilla extract and mint leaves in the food processor. If desired, drizzle some syrup.

Process until the ingredients are homogeneous, like creamy soft serve. Serve immediately. Garnish with figs, berries or fruit of your choice.

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