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Innovative Nelson berryfruit company gains access to Asian health market

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Nelson based Sujon Berryfruits won the ‘Best New Individual Brand Award’ at the Asian Branding & Franchising Association Awards (ABFA Awards), held in Hong Kong 15 October 2018.

Sujon’s newly-appointed Asian Agent, OneNZ, entered Sujon in the ABFA Awards. OneNZ is a Hong Kong-based natural foods distributor that sources unique foods from New Zealand for supply to health-conscious consumers in Hong Kong and Greater China.

OneNZ became interested in Sujon’s Blackcurrant Powder after reading new research published by Chichester University in the UK about Sujon’s powder natural recovery benefits.

Sujon was the first company to market the natural health values blackcurrants have in powder form. The powder is now well-known in New Zealand where it is primarily used by athletes for muscle exercise recovery. With naturally high occurring levels of anthocyanins and vitamin C it also appeals to those consumers wanting an extra immunity boost.

Sujon CEO John Molyneux says that the Powder has significant export potential, especially in Asia, but the key was finding the right agent representation in such a vast consumer market.

OneNZ entered the Sujon Blackcurrant Powder in the newly created ABFA Awards as part of their own promotional strategy for the greater Asian marketplace. For our relatively unknown kiwi Brand and unknown food type to win this award is a very good start for our Asian export programme and a real credit to the work of OneNZ John Gibb, founding owner of Sujon says.

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