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How to take Sujon Blackcurrant Workout Powder

Most athletes take Sujon Blackcurrant powder for it's recovery and performance benefits.

Blackcurrants are a source of anthocyanins and dietary nitrates which can help improve exercise performance and cardiovascular health. If you are looking to add Sujon powder into your work-out routine, here is the best way to take it.

Serving size:

Make sure you are taking the right serving size, we recommend 1 heaped teaspoon (6g). This dosage provides you with 120mg of Blackcurrant anthocyanins and 48mg of Vitamin C.

Mix with liquid:

Blackcurrant powder works well when mixed with water or a fruit juice of your choice (apple juice would be our favourite combo). If you are making a recovery smoothie with protein powder, simply add a heaped teaspoon to your base mix.

Stir, blend or shake:

Stir the powder into your liquid or shake it in a shaker. Alternatively if you are making a smoothie, blend the mixture until smooth.


Sujon Blackcurrant powder is typically taken up to 2 hours before exercise and up to 30 minutes after if training or competing intensively. Taking the powder before exercise allows enough time for the nitrates to be converted to nitric oxide, which helps improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles during exercise.

Remember to stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water throughout your exercise session and combine Sujon Blackcurrant powder with a balanced diet. If you have any underlying health conditions or are taking blood thinners we do recommend consulting with your healthcare professional first before taking Sujon Blackcurrant powder.

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