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How to smuggle veges into meals!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

How do we take a strong category and make it a super-champion this summer? Sales in Berry Smoothie Category are strong and we should expect a seasonal upswing this summer as berries continue to increase in popularity. But what is the real potential of the smoothie market?

NZ’s Original Berry Company, Sujon Berryfruits, are going to find out by adding real innovation to their already popular Berry smoothie mix. The result is their all-new Sujon’s Multi-berry & Spinach Smoothie mix. NZ’s always popular Green-leaf veg-champion, the spinach, added to a winning berry trio!

The result is quite delightful to look at and taste: 50% boysenberries and 20% Spinach (both from Nelson), 20% raspberries (from Chile), and 10% Blueberries (from Canada). All from growers they have personally chosen.

Each of the four ingredients has been selected so both flavour and nutritional functionality are enhanced. The boysenberries add a deep rich tingling acidity and colour vibrancy plus folic acid. The raspberries both sharp sweetness and an aromatic boost that sings freshness. The blueberries a rounded sweetness that synergises with the other berries. Last but not least the Spinach with all its goodness, offsets the sweetness and acid-freshness of the berries.

The result is a “grown-ups” smoothie that is also a great way of getting some greens into any veg-adverse children!

But this is more than just a smoothie: the mix makes a truly great sauce perfect with any white or red meat. I’m picking it will grace many a BBQ table this summer and go very well with pork or lamb sausages!

I asked NZ’s “original berry people” themselves (Sujon company founder John Gibb and his daughter Michelle) for a favourite use of their new innovation.

Michelle is having it herself as a breakfast smoothie with water and cacao powder. (And getting a good dose of greens into her two young children every day: they get the Mix with apple juice.)John has been having it as a sauce with Roast Pork.

This new Category Innovation will be a category Winner and spark a whole new range of fruit and vegetable smoothie SKU’s: great for family nutrition and great for retail sales.


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