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Covid 19 and Food and Food Packaging

We have recently been asked by some customers about Covid-19 on food and food Packaging and more generally “object to human” infection of this virus.

Recent information from Chinese authorities suggest coronavirus has been found on fish and meat products and packaging. The testing by Chinese authorities that we are aware of, has been on around 700,000 samples with less than 30 positive Covid-19 results. What is not well understood is the reliability of the testing and whether the coronavirus is alive or just remnants of previously alive virus was found. A number of scientific studies are exploring this further. So, a lot of questions to still be answered.

It would seem that Coronavirus can be present on food or food packaging BUT it is not a pathway of human infection so far. To the best of our knowledge, there has not been any confirmed food or food packaging transmission and infection of the virus to humans. The experts suggest it is possible, but the risk is very low. If you are concerned for your personal circumstances, simply washing hands before and after handling food and food packaging is good practice to follow and lowers this slight risk even further.

Below is a list of further resources you may wish to read or watch with further information from very authoritative sources including a CNBC News Q&A with Dr Michael Ryan of FAO.

If you have any questions for us, please email us at

Blog article resources.

-Frozen Food Packages in China Keep Testing Positive for Coronavirus. Here's Why Health Experts Aren't Worried. By Time Magazine. Nov 3, 2020.

-The highly respected German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on: Can the new type of coronavirus be transmitted via food and objects? BfR FAQ dated 20 October 2020.

-CNBC News. 13 Aug 2020. There’s no evidence Covid-19 can be transmitted by food: WHO

-Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Food safety and nutrition. The World Health Organisation (WHO) FAQ.

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